Spending is fun, paying is sexy! Cash is king, and financial domination is my favourite fetish. I love having slaves fund my latex, my vacations, my apartment, my fun, my life!

A tribute is a gift, a show of devotion, a sign of gratitude, respect or admiration. They are for my pleasure, my happiness, and they don’t “count” towards anything - otherwise, it isn’t a tribute.

I am a money magnet that easily attracts all that I need to live my fabulous lifestyle and build my empire. Slaves just naturally love to pay me! Wouldn’t it be incredible to feel the euphoria, the sense of purpose that can only happen, when you spend?

I accept cash tributes via IWantLatexBarbie.com, CamWithLatexBarbie.com, and LatexBarbieC4S.com.

I have a wishlist for gifts! Click on my “Wishlist” page to check it out.

I also love gift cards! I accept tribute to latexbarbie@outlook.com via these links:


Q: Do you sell worn clothing items?

A: Yes! Please contact latexbarbie@outlook.com to arrange for the items of choice. I offer panties, stockings, pantyhose and socks. I also offer polaroids! At this time, none of my latex outfits are for sale.