Barbie's Fur Babies 😻

Click to cheer up, bless your timeline, clear your skin, and meet my kitties. This is going to be a delightful, gratuitous post with lots of pictures of my two cats, why? Because I say so!


About 5 years ago I adopted two rescue cats, and they are the absolute best cuddlemuffins I could ever ask for. I have been blessed with two adorable cats, with delightful personalities. I am a crazy cat lady, right?

Meet Goopo:


Originally named “Goop” because I adopted him with an eye infection which made his eyes …full of goop …lol

It was a weird silly little name that has gone on to be PERFECT, when changed to Goopo. Although, honestly I have a million names for each cat, but this one… It’s just perfect.

Sometimes I also call him grandson, goo, pumpkin pie, dumpling…

Goopo is very curious. He loves to observe water, especially if its the last few drops after shutting off the tap. See him in the sink? But he does NOT like touching it. He gets very upset sometimes when I go in the bath and will meow like crazy to make sure I’m ok, in case I need saving from the evil tub of water.

He is also a very talkative cat, and is constantly chipping, mumbling or meowing. Especially when I start filming clips lol

I won’t lie, Goopo is a little nuts. Sometimes he’s just crazy for no reason. He loves chasing phone charger cords and shadows, and sometimes just sings full songs for me in meows. He also loves the sensation of licking plastic bags, ziplocks, something about plastic makes him crazy lol… I always stop him because that can’t be the healthiest lol

Also, he does a little somersault and goes belly up, and demands with a loud meow when we wants belly rubs. He loooves belly rubs and hardly ever attacks me

He also loves to eat asparagus. Weird! Also chicken… and mango???

I love this little weirdo, who follows me like a shadow.

I also love my second kitty, Cynthia!

49785980_306488940007329_3009388377767149568_n (1).jpg

All Cynthia ever wants is love and snuggles. She is a bit more reserved of the two kitties, but makes up for it in her affections. She purrs loud, often sits in my lap or snuggles into bed, loves pets and head scratches. She often does her own thing and doesn’t follow me around everywhere like Goop does. And she’s SO fluffy!

Behold, the cutest pic ever of her, it makes me laugh:


She just can’t help it, sometimes she makes the funniest faces:


I don’t know why I named her Cynthia, it just suits her, and her soft personality lol

She also loves to nap, nap, nap!

Cynthia’s favourite thing to eat, the flavour she craves the most is of yogurt, or anything dairy really. She goes nuts for it. Chicken? Meh. But yogurt? She loves it.

She definitely has less weird habits than Goop.

A fact about her - in the pictures, you can see the tip of her left ear is clipped. When I adopted her, I asked about it and the shelter told me that’s how they marked stray cats in that region. WTF! It’s a little sad but luckily has never bothered her. She just needs the extra love and cuddles now.

Cynthia is very sturdy, and solid, like a big fluffy powdered donut (Goopo is the opposite - probably made of liquid, actually)

I hope you enjoyed meeting my children, I hope the fluff brightened your day, and now know: Every time you support and spoil me, you will know that you are supporting and spoiling these kitties and their extra fancy gravy habits.