I have been purchasing, wearing, enjoying and fetishizing latex for close to 10 years. The opinions in this blog are just that - my opinions and experiences with this shiny rubber fabric. These aren’t hard and fast rules, merely just a recounting of my history with latex, for beginners. I hope it helps you to learn more about this amazing textile!

How to buy it:

I have lots of favourite latex designers online, which can be found on my previous blog, “My Favourite Latex and Fetish Wear Designers”. The best way to know if a product will fit you, is to reference the size chart on each website. Don’t just guess your measurements - if you are going to invest in latex, which can get expensive, you’ll want to choose pieces by carefully comparing sizing using a measuring tape. For me, I am lucky - I fit almost always a standard, off-the-rack size medium. I’ve also always found that, with standard sizing, if you are off by an inch or two, it won’t matter - size down so the latex fits tightly, instead of loose. Once you throw on some lube, you won’t even notice the difference since latex is stretchy.

How to wear it:

There are 2 main ways to aid the dressing of latex: powder, or lube. Both are correct. Choosing one or the other really just comes down to preference, and what you like better/find more comfortable. Note that you’ll find that imagining the latex like pantyhose while putting it on, and bunching it up first while slowing releasing it over the skin, a lot easier/safer for the garment than just pulling it on willy-nilly. I prefer lube, and I will get into that below:

Powder: When a new garment comes in the mail, it typically arrives clean and lightly powdered with talc or baby powder. You can add some more, by rubbing onto your skin in the places the latex will touch (for example, there is no need to powder your arms if you are wearing a halter top style dress) and pulling the garment on that way. The powder creates a “slip” effect on the surface of the garment/skin, and you’ll find it easy to pull into place. It will look a bit dulled with the powder, but it can easily be shined up with silicone lube.

Silicone Lube: Coat the inside of the garment, and the body parts the latex will cover, with lube. (You can also rinse the garment with Vivishine instead). I use a LOT. I prefer to be reeeally juicy, as I find it the most comfortable and sensually pleasing. It is easy to apply using the pantyhose method of “bunching it up and pulling on slowly.” Careful as to not get lube everywhere because things can get slippery really quick! Do NOT pour/put lube on the inside of an enclosed foot/sock/catsuit, it will be like the worst case of ice skating that you cannot control. Seriously, even taking a few steps will be impossible! If I am going out for the night to a fetish party in a catsuit with enclosed feet, sometimes I will actually wear a light pair of socks under the suit to keep from getting slippery later in the night.

Pros and Cons of each: In my experience, I much prefer lube over powder. I find powder doesn’t move with the body, and can cause the garment to “catch” and tug in weird spots. This is one of the prime causes of tears/rips, especially in a new piece. I have also experienced “powder soup” later in the evening - as you start to sweat, if the powder has been applied liberally you could run the risk of sweating out the powder, and it will appear as white, frothy liquid/lines, etc. Not sexy. Also, if you are going to shine it with silicone lube anyway, you might as well do it all over! The only downside to lube is, that it is more messy/gets on things more easily and is harder to get off. But it is definitely more comfortable, and more conducive to protecting the latex from tearing, as it can’t “catch” on the skin.

A note about temperature: One of the most common FAQ’s I get when wearing a catsuit is, “Isn’t it hot in there?” Actually, no - not usually. Latex takes on the temperature of the environment. I prefer wearing latex at night outdoors in spring, cool summer nights, or fall, or in a temperature controlled indoor room. If it is cold, it will feel cold, and mildly wet. If it is hot, it gets HOT - direct sunlight can bake you alive very quickly, especially black latex, if it’s really hot outside. I’ve never had a problem with wearing a catsuit out dancing for up to 8 hours, it’s usually quite fun and feels amazing! Just stay hydrated because YES - you WILL sweat. There is no way around it. Just accept it and let it happen. There is no way (that I have found) to stop the sweating, and I don’t think its a big deal honestly. It has never bothered me because I’m not super sweaty naturally. Embrace your own dewy-ness!

How I clean and store my latex: Because I often use lots of lube on my pieces, they need a nice thorough washing. I peel off my latex in the shower, and set it on a hanger while I use a nice exfoliating scrub on my skin to remove the silicone lube. I really like Lush’s “Cup of Coffee” scrub, but anything with exfoliation will do. After I’m all clean, I fill a bucket with warm/hot water and add a liberal amount of plain old dish soap to the water. I like lemon Sunlight, etc. anything that cuts grease. Add the garment to the water, swirl around, and let sit for 10 mins. Swirl again, leave for 10 more minutes. Once this is done, take the piece out and rinse it again with hot water, and hang dry.


Once it has dripped dry overnight, I place it in a clear plastic bag, ALWAYS one garment only per bag/on a hanger, and hang it in my cool, dark closet. Sealing it off from excess air and making sure it is not touching other colours/pieces will prevent oxidization, staining, etc.

Staining: The lighter a colour is, the more prone it can be to staining. Black is a great beginner piece/colour, because its virtually impossible to “stain” it, while white can be extremely difficult to maintain over time. Keep all latex away from metals, particularly pennies/coins, and cheap costume jewelry. If a piece touches these things, it can quickly turn a rancid colour of light brown, and it can be very hard to remove/save the piece. It has happened to me more times than I’d like to admit. If this happens, I like to use my “magic closet method” - make sure the piece is clean and dry, coat it in a liberal amount of talc/baby powder, wrap it in a towel and leave it in the back of your closet for 1 month-2 years. I have been lucky enough to diminish stains quite a lot using this method, but I can’t make any guarantees. Alternatively, do not leave a garment wet for an extended period of time, as it can cause it to mold, and this is equally as impossible to remove. It can leave big black or brown spots… and it’s MOLD. Gross!

What to do if a piece rips: Rips happen. It’s another inevitable part of owning and wearing latex. I have ripped my pieces more times than I can count, and I also notice it can cause an extreme emotional reaction when people see it happen. I don’t really get worked up about it, because it’s no biggie and it can ALWAYS be fixed. When it happens, take off the piece immediately, no matter what. If you leave a ripped piece on, it can only get worse, and a small hole is easier to fix than a huge tear. Wash the garment normally, and either take it to a local fetish shop to be repaired (usually they can do this for a small price) or learn to do it yourself! KinkEngineering has a great, cheap repair kit on their website here and “how to repair latex” is easy to google. I promise, it’s not the end of the world!

That’s all I can think of for handy tips and tricks for how to buy, wear, wash, store and repair your latex clothing! If you have any further questions, feel free to leave them below and I will do my best to answer them :)