I Am A Lucky Girl

I felt moved this morning to spill forth some things about my life that I’m absolutely in love with.


If you would have told me 10 years ago, that I would be successfully killing it in the field of fetish, I would have been really excited that I went for what I really want in life! Let alone that I would have a whole closet, filled with 100+ pieces of rubber clothing, every sex toy a girl could ask for, setting my own schedule, handpicking my clients and having the time of my life with them. I’m talking screaming, laughing, insanity inducing happiness and joy as my life has glowed up with their support for my art and expertise. I love making clips, exercising my flavour of femdom, being on camera, taking raunchy phone calls, feeling creatively fulfilled and getting paid the big bucks for all of it. Even if I won the lottery tomorrow, I would never stop doing fetish, MY way.

In the last year, I have travelled all over the world - Hong Kong, umpteen visits to the US, and later this year all over Europe, all in style. Spoiled doesn’t cover how truly crazy it is to have been able to have all those experiences! All that travelling really only skims the surface of just how spoiled I’ve been.

I have been so incredibly blessed to have met SO MANY amazing women. They might be my favourite part of this whole process, because I never used to click with women. All my life, I had a hard time connecting with fellow femmes - and it wasn’t until now that I really discovered why. Badass, strong and sex-positive women who know what they really want were a breed that I hadn’t really encountered growing up much. But when I found my tribe, things really clicked! Thank you all for being such sources of inspiration for my life! <3

I am so thankful for my many successes.

Wealth is constantly flowing into my life.

I am living my wildest dreams, and couldn’t be more overjoyed.

Happy Friday!

Barbie's Fur Babies 😻

Click to cheer up, bless your timeline, clear your skin, and meet my kitties. This is going to be a delightful, gratuitous post with lots of pictures of my two cats, why? Because I say so!


About 5 years ago I adopted two rescue cats, and they are the absolute best cuddlemuffins I could ever ask for. I have been blessed with two adorable cats, with delightful personalities. I am a crazy cat lady, right?

Meet Goopo:


Originally named “Goop” because I adopted him with an eye infection which made his eyes …full of goop …lol

It was a weird silly little name that has gone on to be PERFECT, when changed to Goopo. Although, honestly I have a million names for each cat, but this one… It’s just perfect.

Sometimes I also call him grandson, goo, pumpkin pie, dumpling…

Goopo is very curious. He loves to observe water, especially if its the last few drops after shutting off the tap. See him in the sink? But he does NOT like touching it. He gets very upset sometimes when I go in the bath and will meow like crazy to make sure I’m ok, in case I need saving from the evil tub of water.

He is also a very talkative cat, and is constantly chipping, mumbling or meowing. Especially when I start filming clips lol

I won’t lie, Goopo is a little nuts. Sometimes he’s just crazy for no reason. He loves chasing phone charger cords and shadows, and sometimes just sings full songs for me in meows. He also loves the sensation of licking plastic bags, ziplocks, something about plastic makes him crazy lol… I always stop him because that can’t be the healthiest lol

Also, he does a little somersault and goes belly up, and demands with a loud meow when we wants belly rubs. He loooves belly rubs and hardly ever attacks me

He also loves to eat asparagus. Weird! Also chicken… and mango???

I love this little weirdo, who follows me like a shadow.

I also love my second kitty, Cynthia!

49785980_306488940007329_3009388377767149568_n (1).jpg

All Cynthia ever wants is love and snuggles. She is a bit more reserved of the two kitties, but makes up for it in her affections. She purrs loud, often sits in my lap or snuggles into bed, loves pets and head scratches. She often does her own thing and doesn’t follow me around everywhere like Goop does. And she’s SO fluffy!

Behold, the cutest pic ever of her, it makes me laugh:


She just can’t help it, sometimes she makes the funniest faces:


I don’t know why I named her Cynthia, it just suits her, and her soft personality lol

She also loves to nap, nap, nap!

Cynthia’s favourite thing to eat, the flavour she craves the most is of yogurt, or anything dairy really. She goes nuts for it. Chicken? Meh. But yogurt? She loves it.

She definitely has less weird habits than Goop.

A fact about her - in the pictures, you can see the tip of her left ear is clipped. When I adopted her, I asked about it and the shelter told me that’s how they marked stray cats in that region. WTF! It’s a little sad but luckily has never bothered her. She just needs the extra love and cuddles now.

Cynthia is very sturdy, and solid, like a big fluffy powdered donut (Goopo is the opposite - probably made of liquid, actually)

I hope you enjoyed meeting my children, I hope the fluff brightened your day, and now know: Every time you support and spoil me, you will know that you are supporting and spoiling these kitties and their extra fancy gravy habits.




I have been purchasing, wearing, enjoying and fetishizing latex for close to 10 years. The opinions in this blog are just that - my opinions and experiences with this shiny rubber fabric. These aren’t hard and fast rules, merely just a recounting of my history with latex, for beginners. I hope it helps you to learn more about this amazing textile!

How to buy it:

I have lots of favourite latex designers online, which can be found on my previous blog, “My Favourite Latex and Fetish Wear Designers”. The best way to know if a product will fit you, is to reference the size chart on each website. Don’t just guess your measurements - if you are going to invest in latex, which can get expensive, you’ll want to choose pieces by carefully comparing sizing using a measuring tape. For me, I am lucky - I fit almost always a standard, off-the-rack size medium. I’ve also always found that, with standard sizing, if you are off by an inch or two, it won’t matter - size down so the latex fits tightly, instead of loose. Once you throw on some lube, you won’t even notice the difference since latex is stretchy.

How to wear it:

There are 2 main ways to aid the dressing of latex: powder, or lube. Both are correct. Choosing one or the other really just comes down to preference, and what you like better/find more comfortable. Note that you’ll find that imagining the latex like pantyhose while putting it on, and bunching it up first while slowing releasing it over the skin, a lot easier/safer for the garment than just pulling it on willy-nilly. I prefer lube, and I will get into that below:

Powder: When a new garment comes in the mail, it typically arrives clean and lightly powdered with talc or baby powder. You can add some more, by rubbing onto your skin in the places the latex will touch (for example, there is no need to powder your arms if you are wearing a halter top style dress) and pulling the garment on that way. The powder creates a “slip” effect on the surface of the garment/skin, and you’ll find it easy to pull into place. It will look a bit dulled with the powder, but it can easily be shined up with silicone lube.

Silicone Lube: Coat the inside of the garment, and the body parts the latex will cover, with lube. (You can also rinse the garment with Vivishine instead). I use a LOT. I prefer to be reeeally juicy, as I find it the most comfortable and sensually pleasing. It is easy to apply using the pantyhose method of “bunching it up and pulling on slowly.” Careful as to not get lube everywhere because things can get slippery really quick! Do NOT pour/put lube on the inside of an enclosed foot/sock/catsuit, it will be like the worst case of ice skating that you cannot control. Seriously, even taking a few steps will be impossible! If I am going out for the night to a fetish party in a catsuit with enclosed feet, sometimes I will actually wear a light pair of socks under the suit to keep from getting slippery later in the night.

Pros and Cons of each: In my experience, I much prefer lube over powder. I find powder doesn’t move with the body, and can cause the garment to “catch” and tug in weird spots. This is one of the prime causes of tears/rips, especially in a new piece. I have also experienced “powder soup” later in the evening - as you start to sweat, if the powder has been applied liberally you could run the risk of sweating out the powder, and it will appear as white, frothy liquid/lines, etc. Not sexy. Also, if you are going to shine it with silicone lube anyway, you might as well do it all over! The only downside to lube is, that it is more messy/gets on things more easily and is harder to get off. But it is definitely more comfortable, and more conducive to protecting the latex from tearing, as it can’t “catch” on the skin.

A note about temperature: One of the most common FAQ’s I get when wearing a catsuit is, “Isn’t it hot in there?” Actually, no - not usually. Latex takes on the temperature of the environment. I prefer wearing latex at night outdoors in spring, cool summer nights, or fall, or in a temperature controlled indoor room. If it is cold, it will feel cold, and mildly wet. If it is hot, it gets HOT - direct sunlight can bake you alive very quickly, especially black latex, if it’s really hot outside. I’ve never had a problem with wearing a catsuit out dancing for up to 8 hours, it’s usually quite fun and feels amazing! Just stay hydrated because YES - you WILL sweat. There is no way around it. Just accept it and let it happen. There is no way (that I have found) to stop the sweating, and I don’t think its a big deal honestly. It has never bothered me because I’m not super sweaty naturally. Embrace your own dewy-ness!

How I clean and store my latex: Because I often use lots of lube on my pieces, they need a nice thorough washing. I peel off my latex in the shower, and set it on a hanger while I use a nice exfoliating scrub on my skin to remove the silicone lube. I really like Lush’s “Cup of Coffee” scrub, but anything with exfoliation will do. After I’m all clean, I fill a bucket with warm/hot water and add a liberal amount of plain old dish soap to the water. I like lemon Sunlight, etc. anything that cuts grease. Add the garment to the water, swirl around, and let sit for 10 mins. Swirl again, leave for 10 more minutes. Once this is done, take the piece out and rinse it again with hot water, and hang dry.


Once it has dripped dry overnight, I place it in a clear plastic bag, ALWAYS one garment only per bag/on a hanger, and hang it in my cool, dark closet. Sealing it off from excess air and making sure it is not touching other colours/pieces will prevent oxidization, staining, etc.

Staining: The lighter a colour is, the more prone it can be to staining. Black is a great beginner piece/colour, because its virtually impossible to “stain” it, while white can be extremely difficult to maintain over time. Keep all latex away from metals, particularly pennies/coins, and cheap costume jewelry. If a piece touches these things, it can quickly turn a rancid colour of light brown, and it can be very hard to remove/save the piece. It has happened to me more times than I’d like to admit. If this happens, I like to use my “magic closet method” - make sure the piece is clean and dry, coat it in a liberal amount of talc/baby powder, wrap it in a towel and leave it in the back of your closet for 1 month-2 years. I have been lucky enough to diminish stains quite a lot using this method, but I can’t make any guarantees. Alternatively, do not leave a garment wet for an extended period of time, as it can cause it to mold, and this is equally as impossible to remove. It can leave big black or brown spots… and it’s MOLD. Gross!

What to do if a piece rips: Rips happen. It’s another inevitable part of owning and wearing latex. I have ripped my pieces more times than I can count, and I also notice it can cause an extreme emotional reaction when people see it happen. I don’t really get worked up about it, because it’s no biggie and it can ALWAYS be fixed. When it happens, take off the piece immediately, no matter what. If you leave a ripped piece on, it can only get worse, and a small hole is easier to fix than a huge tear. Wash the garment normally, and either take it to a local fetish shop to be repaired (usually they can do this for a small price) or learn to do it yourself! KinkEngineering has a great, cheap repair kit on their website here and “how to repair latex” is easy to google. I promise, it’s not the end of the world!

That’s all I can think of for handy tips and tricks for how to buy, wear, wash, store and repair your latex clothing! If you have any further questions, feel free to leave them below and I will do my best to answer them :)

My Favourite Latex and Fetish Wear Designers

I have such an immense love of fetishwear. <3 Fashion, style and function are all things I pay attention to, and delight in. The most popular question, my absolute #1 query from people is, “Where do you buy your latex?”

My relationship with latex has been the greatest journey, learning and experimenting with designers. I’ve been lucky enough to have purchased from all different types of people and businesses, from larger scale “mass-produced” sites as well as small, independent artists. It’s always a joy to get new latex in the mail, or in store.

Nobody is sponsoring this post, this is purely my own thoughts and opinions.

When ordering, I typically go with a standard size “Medium” across the board, but am not opposed to custom sizing - in fact, I’d recommend it if possible. Overall, my opinion is to research the size charts on each website for your best fit - and 1 or 2 inches difference shouldn’t matter much, especially if you’re sizing down/smaller. Latex is best worn a little tight! With a liberal amount of lube, you won’t even notice.

In no particular order, here are my remarks about brands that I have had experience with:

Syren Latex - I visited the LA Stockroom location and had an absolute blast here. I cannot recommend this sex shop enough. Staff was excellent, helpful, knowledgeable and super sweet, and the selection of latex and fetishwear was unbelievable. I purchased a few pieces, of which I still totally love to this day! Quality is excellent, sturdy, elegant. Great colour/size selection, very cool store, love love looove! http://www.syren.com

Demask - Visited the location in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Truly an unbelievable experience. The smell, the artesian quality, the variety of latex, books, magazines, fetish accoutrements, this location has it all. I purchased my first set of inflatable tits here, on a corset, and the quality is stunning and durable. After 3-4 years, the tits have stayed perfectly airtight, no leaks, unbelievable quality and strong. Decadent, luxury latex. There is a very signature look to my Demask tits, I love them - they are huge! The experience of visiting the store IRL, and buying whatever I liked, was the real cherry on top! Would love to go their the October fetish event, “EuroPerve” in Amsterdam someday <3 https://www.demask.com/

HW Design - In the world of latex, I’d consider this the Cadillac, the Rolls Royce, the Tesla X of fetish rubber. I cannot say enough good things about this brand. The quality - top notch. The craftsmanship of their rubber, particularly their corsetry - to die for. You will pay big $ for it, but it is 100% worth every penny. I own a stunning posture corset combo from this brand, as well as a bizarre rubber pussy, and it always drops jaws when I wear it out. Another favourite highlight of this brand is their range of bizarre fetishwear - things you will not see anywhere else, the designers have pushed themselves to dream into weird, wonderful places when designing these concepts. https://www.hwdesignshop.com/

Adala Clothing - truely dear to my heart for many years, Adala Clothing is a cosplay and fetish latex clothing company with fabulous fashion forward awareness. Cute rompers and bodysuits, incredible attention to detail, custom projects and especially popular with nerds and Comic Con convention goers, the artistic quality of each piece is unforgettable. Independently owned female brand! adalaclothing.com

Dawnamatrix - I personally do not own any designs, but I cannot stress how jaw-droppingly insanely gorgeous they are. When attending Montreal Fetish Weekend 2015, I was able to see some of the detail work up close during a fashion show, and ohhh my god. It would be a dream to own one of these pieces. Independently owned female brand! Stunning works of art that must take so my patience and skill to create. My hats off! https://dawnamatrix.com/

Kink Engineering - a personal favourite of mine, I have been lucky enough to grow alongside this female-owned and run company and am so proud to call them friends! I owe a lot of my own growth and exploration to them! An innovative company melding science and art together to make kinky dreams come true. I own one of their vacbeds, as well as several of their hoods and clothing, and I stand 100% behind the quality of their products. The customer service is unmatched, working with clients to create custom products and vacuum bondage gear that dreams are made of! https://kinkengineering.com/

Cathouse Clothing - I had a slave purchase me a dress from this company - innovative design unlike any I had seen before. My garment had printed words embedded in the latex, and the gauge (thickness of rubber) was quite thick. In retrospect, I could have done with custom sizing on this piece, as I found their standard sizing runs a little small in the hips, and quite large in the breasts. The fit of the cups would be perfect for big fake boobies! https://cathouseclothing.com/

Studio Gum - an unbelievable fetish product. Comfortable but restrictive, titillating head and neck bondage latex. My all time favourite bondage hood comes from this company and I’m lusting for more. Wow. What else can I say?! Built incredibly well and custom fit, I’d love more thick rubber hoods from this company! Another bucket list item: visiting the showroom in Germany someday! https://www.studiogum.com/

Pandora Deluxe - cute cute cute girly latex, standard fit runs a bit small. Independently owned, fashion fetishwear, great etsy store and fab customer service. https://www.pandoradeluxe.com/

Baroness - I was able to visit the store location in New York, and it is an experience I will never forget! The Baroness is an amazing lady that, quite literally, I want to be like when I grow up. Her hair is fabulous, and so is her latex. She makes you very comfortable in her shop, fantastic customer service, instantly it seems that I can talk with her for hours. I walked in her fashion show during Montreal Fetish Weekend 2015 and it was such a joy, so serendipitous how it happened, I purchased the very dress I wore on the catwalk because I loved it so much! Independently owned female brand! https://www.baroness.com/

Polymorphe - I love to support the local Canadian latex economy when possible, and Polymorphe didn’t disappoint. They offer some really interesting products, including marbled colour fashion latex, and moulded fetish toe socks. Oh. My God. The toe socks sure are an experience for a latex fetishist! I absolutely love them. Upon visiting Montreal a few times and trying to hunt down a shop, I realized that they don’t actually have a storefront - just a workshop. Still love them, none the less! https://polymorphe.com/

Latex Nemesis - great hoods, and customization options. Hoods are true to size, and very comfortable. Helpful and fast customer service. A size Medium fits me nicely, very flattering face and eye shapes. https://latexnemesis.com/

William Wilde - I gush! I love! Chic, fashion forward, high-end delightful pieces. Great colours. Violet Chachki wears/loves this brand and it’s instantly understandable. Everything from the hot pink metallic package it comes in, the entire experience of receiving a William Wilde piece, the wrapping paper, the smell, the durability - it’s all to die for. https://www.williamwilde.com/

House of CB - Traditionally, if a popular culture fashion brand that primarily focuses on fabric clothing came out with latex, I’d be really skeptical. A slave offered to buy me a few dresses from this brand, so I accepted - it’s always a learning experience, after all. When it arrived, I was actually really surprised how great it was. Perfect fit, lovely quality, I was truly pleasantly surprised. Great for beginners, true to size. https://www.houseofcb.com/index.php

Westward Bound - when I think of Westward Bound, for some reason they remind me of the most delicious of desserts. Something about the stunning high-end designs is so indulgent, it’s almost as if they’ve captured the essence, sexiness and mouth-watering quality of a caramel fudge sundae or a banana split, in a latex outfit. Incredibly flattering, everything from frou-frou fashion to functional fetish. Yum! https://www.westwardbound.com/

BabyLovesLatex - I’ve been interested in this brand, ever since seeing their work at FetishCon 2016. Really beautiful pieces, out of the box concepts, hand poured couture and lace-infused latex. Really cool, chic, one to watch for sure. Independently owned female brand. http://www.reneemasoomian.com/babyloves-latexpast/

Libidex - Libidex is a mass production brand from the UK. I’ve been purchasing their products for many years, and it makes up about 40% of my entire collection of rubber. Their range is wide, they have most anything you can ever want in a latex outfit. I do like the fit of their catsuits, true to size, and they have a great colour selection. You’ll find Libidex is a great budget friendly option, good for beginners. Upon further education however, I must divulge a little info: I have found the quality used to be a bit better 5+ years ago. The first hood I purchased, my first ever, fit perfectly, flatteringly, and lasted forever. I have ordered some hoods since, that have some … interesting nose shapes. Good range of fetish, fashion, colour and mens clothing, as well as women’s. https://www.libidex.com/

Latex Catfish - Bargain for your buck, but beware - there can be inconsistencies in fit between 2 identical items from this brand. A mass production company from China, it’s a bit of russian roulette in my experience. Some products are really good, some run super small, it could be ok as a beginner option, but beware that it could also taint your taste for latex, as your first impression with it. Roll the dice, but be informed. Inflatables leak after some wear, very hard to repair once the seal is compromised. Don’t order the matching gloves with your catsuit that they offer - they were abysmally bad, like dishwashing kitchen gloves. http://www.latexcatfish.com/xcart/home.php

Simon O Latex - Deliciously amazing high-end luxury latex. I own a catsuit from this brand. It’s much lighter gauge latex than I typically lean toward - only 0.25mm, and chlorinated. Upon picking it up for the first time, I was a bit worried at how paper thin it was - but I swear this thing is made with actual magic. It is a PLEASURE suit. My favourite to fuck in, I’ve not handled it lightly and it has never ripped, despite being well loved. Great fit, true to size, must have more of this in my life. https://www.simon-o.com/en/

Abigail Greydanus - cheeky fashion latex with a pop art edge, I was graced with the opportunity to walk a fashion show for this brand about 7 years ago, and enjoyed it so much that I purchased the bathing suit afterwards. Great etsy store, fab customer service, girly and sexy, the bathing suits are just the cutest. https://www.abigailgreydanus.com/


Artifice Clothing - not a latex brand, but an independently owned company that makes the absolute most delicious corsets in the yummiest colours. I love them, and look them up first when buying shiny PVC wear and corsets. Fast service, corsets are sturdy and well built, lots of customization options. https://www.artificeclothing.com

Aslan Leather - Looking for a high quality strap on harness or fetish gear? Ditch the sex shop low quality crap for these stunning leather or vegan options, made in Canada. Colour and customization are some of the highlights to this queer positive, functional and fashionable brand. I’ve loved my red, sparkly one for many years! https://www.aslanleather.com/

My Year of Service to Goddess LatexBarbie, and Beyond - by BarbiesPupper

“Ever since i can remember, i have been a submissive. As a child i never really understood why in fairy tales the hero would try to escape the clutches of the Evil Queen. As i grew up i learned to fit in among alphas but i never really felt myself. i began to explore my feeling on the internet. i gravitated towards the mainstream sites but in time they seemed increasingly formulaic and forced. i craved something more real, more authentic, more personal.


i had sampled clip sites like clips4sale and IWantClips but nothing really resonated. Then one day i stumbled across Goddess LatexBarbie. A vision in purple hair and bubble gum coloured cat suits. At that moment i knew i had discovered what i was looking for. At first i was too nervous to approach. i bought clips. A couple at first but then more and more. At this time i particularly remember the clip series “Heavy Rubber Mindfuck" as speaking to me. i began to tribute in the hope of getting noticed. i knew i had to make this work.

i took a deep breath and applied to be a slave. i didn’t know what to expect and in hindsight i was horribly ill-prepared. The first few weeks were tense. i had not yet learnt to fully surrender control. i half expected to be conned, to be gradually drained and then be left out in the cold. However, Goddess Latexbarbie was patient, breaking me in slowly so i didn’t spook a bolt. i am grateful, that she saw potential. Gradually i became more relaxed. She would tell me about her kinky adventures going to fetish parties and i began to realize, she was real. i had nothing to fear but my own insecurities. i had learned to give in, i had learned to be myself.

My training started with edging and bingeing. 6 or 8 hour session of edging and draining. To my joy, She has put me on many training schedules. i have probably spent about a third of the year either undergoing butt plug training; on a forced orgasms schedule; following a cum eating programme or in chasity. Goddess LatexBarbie always keeps me busy.

In particular happy memory was when She put on a forced orgasm schedule to make myself addicted to feet. Before that i was never titillated by them nor excited by the fear of facing them. Totally ‘meh'. However during the programme my body gradually associated feet to the pleasure and my mind changed. Now i react on instinct. i love how my Goddess has changed me for her amusement. The cum eating schedule unfortunately didn’t have the same success. Maybe i need more practice!

When not being forced to have orgasms She have sentenced me to chastity. Goddess has helpped, building me up slowly from a chastity virgin to a whole month in Loctober. i love wearing a constant reminder of my submission to Her.

Goddess LatexBarbie also releases many challenges whether as part of a clip, as part of a challenge series or just when she feels like it. i have completed many sissy tasks. She has opened up a part of me that i have previously repressed. Cock and ball torture challenges are always very exciting seeing what she has in store next. Another memorable task was to give myself a vodka enema. It was a weird fun kind of drunk but i suffered the following day!

i have had the privilege to both purchase things for and from my Goddess. Early on in my training, after a bathtub photo shoot i naively said i would love to drink her dirty bathwater. “That can be arranged...” came the reply. The taste was soapy but i prized that it was infused with her essence. i have also acquired two pairs of panties and two socks from Her that i sniff regularly. In the other direction i have had the honour of buying Goddess LatexBarbie both fetish and vanilla clothes, as well as apartment furnishings. She has such great taste, it’s such a pleasure. She has a genuine passion for latex and always like the same things as i do. It is satisfying to know she loves wearing them as much as i like looking at them. i always get a buzz when i see her in something from me.

Over the year she has helped me develop a nightly ritual. First i worship in front of the shrine i have built. i sniff her panties, recite my mantras before kissing a photo of her ass. i put on my sissy Barbie pyjamas and goes to sleep. If She does not disturbed by a 3am Kik message i wake up to an alarm of her voice reminding me of my place.


Day to day i communicate to Goddess via Kik. We speak roughly every other day, sometimes just for a quick check in other times it can lead to a session. i have Skyped a few times. In my first session i was so nervous i struggled to climax. Only later did i discovered she had planted suggestions against me to torture me. i have phoned both to talk and to be ignored. i love just listening in while she goes about her day.

i watch all her clips. She always hit the mark. It’s exciting to be introduced to a new fetish i didn’t know i had. Goddess LatexBarbie has a kinky instinct ready to lead me astray. i follow her adventures on iwantfanclub and Twitter (and i look forward to LatexBarbieland.com) She lives an amazing kinky life going to fetish parties and latex photo shoots. Over the years have seen her travels to Las Vegas (AVN), Hong Kong, and a road trip of America.

There have of course been times when i have struggled. Sometime i have been busy at work or dealing with personal issues and just want to rest. However She can be just what i need to take my mind of things. On a couple of occasions i have freaked out a little but She has always respects my limits and has help me regain my composure.

Overall it has been amazing, eventful year. It is always exciting wondering what She has in store next or planning the next binge. The anticipation (sometime deliberately drawn out by Her) can be the most exciting bit. i have learnt so much about myself. It has improved me as a person, from respect and patience to traits not immediately associated with submission such as being proactive and confident. A friend of mine told me that he notice i have really started to taken control over the past year. i couldn't help but smile.

Next year i hope to continue my training with Goddess, going harder and for longer. i wish to build on our trust and respect to engage in more intense play. i use to think i had an imaginative kinky mind but Goddess Latexbarbie is so much deeper. i have just earned the right to wear Goddess Latexbarbie collar, i know i am just beginning my journey. “ - BarbiesPupper

Recognition for LatexBarbie


I have so much fun creating visionary, bold experiences in the realm of fetish, fantasy, and femdom! It is the joy of my life, and I have been lucky enough to have received some recognition thus far. I am just getting started, and there will be more trophies to line my walls soon!

FetishCon Awards 2016, nominated for “Best Fetish Cam Girl”

IWantClips 2017 Photo Contest, Winner for “Best Nature Lover” $1000 Prize Winner

IWantClips 2017 Photo Contest, Winner for “Best Nature Lover” $1000 Prize Winner

IWantClips Halloween 2017 “Most Creative Clip” $500 Winner - Living Dead Girl

IWantClips Halloween 2017 “Most Creative Clip” $500 Winner - Living Dead Girl

IWantClips 2018 Photo Contest, Winner for “Pool Party” $1000 Prize Winner

IWantClips 2018 Photo Contest, Winner for “Pool Party” $1000 Prize Winner