As long as I can remember, I’ve always been kinky.

I’m LatexBarbie. Scrolling through my Twitter, you’ll find I’m a Canadian virtual dominatrix, latex socialite, and BDSM fantasy creator, specializing in Femdom POV clips, phone sex, and shiny rubber. I’ve been totally obsessed with fetish, attending local lifestyle kink events and exploring my own colourful sexuality for the last 10+ years, and am currently in my 6th year of creating online content… and I love it!

I’ve always had exceptional taste and style. Even back in highschool, I owned a stunning pair of turquoise snakeskin 6’ heeled, knee high boots. No one else my age had ever fathomed wearing something as outrageous, but to me, stomping around the halls in them felt natural and normal even on a random Tuesday. In retrospect, those boots couldn’t have been a more obvious sign of things to come.

My fascination with latex began with shiny black tights, from American Apparel. I was just drawn to them, I had to have them and wear them and I just couldn’t explain why. As with all my fetishes, it was a dormant desire that was already present in my mind, and took shape once I started a little online research. I saw real latex for the first time, and I just… knew. I discovered that not only was there a name for these desires, but lots of other people who felt just like me. I was delighted to have found my tribe.

Fast forward a few years of exploration and education, and here I am, blossoming. I feel so lucky to have the experiences I’ve had, and live out so many of my own fantasies whenever I choose.

Now, what turns me on, is training and teasing weak men online.

I’ve fused my love for latex, fetish, and glamour, with my intense interest in psychological domination. I’ve been captivated by female domination themes ranging from (but not limited to) mesmerizing erotic hypnosis, to mind-altering intox, chastity, cuckolding, financial domination, Goddess Worship, foot fetish, bisexual encouragement, exposure and of course, sissification. I find the submissive psyche fascinating. No two men are the same… or are they, once their cocks are involved? As soon as your mind wanders down the path of a strict, sexually deviant woman, most men would crumble quite easily.

It’s thrilling to surrender.

It feels good and right and it makes you a little nervous.

Actually, it probably scares the shit out of you.

If it doesn’t, we should definitely work on that…


Height: 5’6

Shoe Size: 7

Hair: Purple

Eyes: Blue

Tattoos: None

Favourite Scents: “Alien” by Thierry Mugler, “Lost Cherry” by Tom Ford, “Hypnotic Poison” by Dior

Horoscope: Gemini

Drink: Prosecco

Holiday: Halloween

I love travelling, experiencing, and savouring life. I often attend international fetish conventions, and love to read books about witches, drag queens, energy and vibration, health and human bodies, and powerful women. Makeup art is also a passion of mine!

Enjoy my little kinky corner of the internet. Read my entire website front to back. Subscribe, and buy clips. Why would you deny yourself the pleasure that comes from investing in your sexuality? Relax and fall deeper and accept your new favourite addiction - Me!


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